Egaleo Cleansing Bar. Natures Gift For The Body. For You & Your Loved Ones …

Egaleo Cleansing Bar, uses top grade olive oil characterized as ‘Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil’ from the olive trees of the world famous Kalamata in Peloponnesian, Greece as its main ingredient. Olive oil, invaluable and healthy in both cuisine and cleansing as well as moisturizing properties have proven results for many centuries. The ancient Greeks and Romans loved it.

Cold pressed extra virgin olive oil must be made from top grade olive extract without using any solvent to extract. They are being pressed, in room temperature by mechanical processes. This process is known as the ‘ cold press process ‘ which result in very low free fatty acids contain in the olive oil. According to the European Union ( EU ) standard of cold pressed extra virgin olive oil, the acid value must be less than 0.8 to be qualified and characterized as cold pressed extra virgin olive oil.

Egaleo Cleansing Bar is 100% natural, certified by World renowned natural & organic cosmetics certification body ~, individually handmade with traditional ancient Greek recipes in Greece. To maximize the benefits of olive oil soap and to maintain the impeccable purity level, Egaleo has selected the use of the cold process soap making method, abiding to the European Union standard.Cold process soap making is very time consuming manufacturing process, the entire process requires approximately of 8 weeks before the final soap can be presented to the hands of consumers. We guarantee the purity of soap.

Donkey’s milk, which the Queen of ancient Egypt loved, is added to make the soap a more exquisite and outstanding soap bar.