Solution to your damaged hair !

Volumising and non-greasy.
Experience our new concept of hair care.

Creates light and fluffy hair, strengthens the hair protein structure, maintains the vitality and health of the hair.

Precious liquid gold from the desert of North Africa.

The process of extracting the Moroccan nut oil is very time consuming and laborious. For every 40kg of Moroccan nut fruit, there will only 1kg of oil extracted (40:1). Moroccan nut oil contains 10 times more of Vitamin E (70.2mg/100ml) than olive oil (7.1mg/100ml). It's scarce and precious.

Its benefits have lived through a long history and is now making a comeback in the latest hair care products, sweeping across the hairdressing industry globally.

Towel-dried hair - It moisturises and penetrates deep into to the core of each hair strand; seals moisture, enchances toughness, and improves hair quality.

Blow-dried hair - It smoothes frizzy and tangled hair, repairs damaged hair and split-ends; leaves your hair soft and supple.

Best for outdoor use !

Anti-oxidant, protects hair from external factors that causes damage such as pollutants, sun and salty air.

Egaleo Moroccan Argan Oil
Certified by world's 2 renowned natural and organic cosmetics certification body -
as 100% Natural & Organic

Argan Oil
100% of the total ingredients are from Organic Farming

Raw material certified by Ecocert Greenlife according to the Ecocert Standard for Natural and Organic Cosmetics available at https://cosmetics.ecocert. com

Argan Oil
100% Natural (100% Organic)
0% Water
0% Derived natural
0% Nature-identical

Complies with the NATRUE Criteria